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As a person who moved all over while in the Air Force for over 20 years, I have been through the home buying and selling process a few times myself as a client before ever getting into real estate. These experiences help me know and understanding what a client needs. My goal is to build a long-lasting relationship, and turn what could be a nightmare of stress and confusion into a relatively painless experience. 

My Top 10 reasons to buy versus rent:

  1. Prices of homes tend to increase, so the longer you wait, the more they cost

  2. Build wealth passively with equity and possible value increases

  3. Ability to pay it off and decrease monthly expenses significantly

  4. Possibility to rent later and receive passive income

  5. Ability to make it how you want it / Have pets

  6. Using your equity as leverage

  7. No landlord to raise your rent

  8. No landlord to kick you out 

  9. Can Increase your credit

  10. Tax benefits

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If your credit isn't over 600, call and let me connect you with a credit repair expert! Let's get a plan in motion and you'll be on your way to home ownership! Call/text for more information (318) 517-7076. I am truly here to help. 

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